8 Colors Flexo Printing Machine (High Speed Type)

The Best Quality


  1. Our machines are suitable to print PP, PE, BOPP, OPP, PE shrinkable film, packing paper, glass paper, non-woven bags.
  2. Using hydraulic system to lift up & down the printing cylinders for easy operation.
  3. Equipped with meter counter, the machine will stop automatically when reaching the meter.
  4. Using high-capacity hot air dryer to make the production faster. The dryer and fan will shut down automatic when machine stops.
  5. When machine stops, the ink rolls keep running to avoid drying of ink.
  6. The rubber roller is ozone-resistance & solvent-resistance.
  7. The ink tray is with cover & faucet.
  8. Ink pump, air shaft, ceramic roller & doctor blade etc. are options.


MODEL NO.CF-HS 8008CF-HS 8010CF-HS 8012
Printing Width800mm1000mm1200mm
Printing Colors8 Colors
Max. Printing Speed70 M/min.
Printing Length200-1000mm
Printing Composition0+8 , 1+7 , 2+6 , 3+5 , 4+4
E.P.C. (Edge Position Controller)1 set1 set1 set
Tension Controller1 set1 set1 set
Main Motor7.5HP10HP10HP
Machine Dimension7.3×2.2×4.0m7.3×2.5×4.0m7.3×2.7×4.0m