Super High Speed Two Stripe Color Blown Film Machine

The Best Quality


  • TCP-H series is two gear boxes driven by two motors makes colors width can be easily adjustment. TCP-SE series is one gear box driven by one motor for small capacity & saving cost. TCP-TD series is two dies & two gear boxes driven by two motors for double output. TCP-FD series is forced feeding type with two dies & two gear boxes driven by two motors for more than double output & faster speed.
  • Purchasing extra LDPE die can produce LDPE film.
  • Purchasing extra 2-layer co-extrusion die can produce 2-layer film.
  • Double extruders increase the output.
  • Precise die design makes sure the colors vivid & clear.


Screw Diameter (mm)45 x 2 sets50 x 2 sets 45 x 2 sets 50 x 2 sets
Output (Kg/hr) *40-9050-12060-14070-170
Roller Width (mm)600 x 2 sets750 x 2 sets 600 x 2 sets 750 x 2 sets
Film Thickness (mm)HDPE: 0.008-0.06mm
Drive Motor (HP)20 x 2 sets25 x 2 sets20 x 2 sets 25 x 2 sets
Die Diameter (mm)50 & 75 x 2 sets70 & 90 x 2 sets 50 & 75 x 2 sets 70 & 90 x 2 sets
Heating Zone16zones18 zones 18 zones18 zones

* Output depending on film width, thickness, die size, raw material.
★ For more details specification, special requirements & quotation, please kindly contact us.