ABA 3-Layer Co-Extrusion

ABA 3-Layer Co-Extrusion, ABA Co-Extrusion Machine

CHYIYANG is ABA 3-Layer Co-Extrusion manufacturer, ABA 3-Layer Co-Extrusion, ABA Co-Extrusion Machine, It produces uniform film for food & milk package etc. Screw is Bi-metal & precise die More than 50 years experience about ABA Co-Extrusion.

The Best Quality


  1. Model ABA is equipped with two extruders to supply A+B+A die. ABA-TD series is equipped with standard screws to provide two dies. ABA-FD series is equipped with forced feeding screws to provide two dies in order to have more capacity.
  2. The ABA structure can be used HDPE in out-layer, and added carbonate & recycled resin in in-layer. The film will get the similar stretch & touch feeling of HDPE single layer film. The physical structure of HDPE single layer bags will be destroyed because of adding carbonate & recycled resin, but ABA bags will be totally improved in physical structure and save resin cost.
  3. Purchasing extra 2-layer co-extrusion die can produce normal A+B 2-layer film.


Screw Diameter​ (mm)35 x 2 sets45 x 2 sets55 x 2 sets45 x 2 sets55 x 2 sets
Roller Width (mm)400 x 2 sets600 x 2 sets750 x 2 sets600 x 2 sets750 x 2 sets
Output * (kg/hr.)​25-5040-9050-10060-14080-180
Film Thickness (mm)HDPE: 0.008-0.06mm
Drive Motor (HP)15 x 2 set20 x 2 sets30 x 2 sets25 x 2 sets40 x 2 sets
Die Diameter (mm)40 & 65 x 2 sets50 & 75 x 2 sets80 & 100 x 2 sets70 & 90 x 2 sets90 & 120 x 2 sets
Heating Zone15 zones17 zones19 zones19 zones19 zones

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