Chyi Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1965 and has more than 56 years experience in the Blown film extrusion machinery manufacturer

CHYI YANG - 2023 The 15th Bangladesh International Plastics, Packaging, Printing Industrial Fair

CHYI YANG - 2023 The 15th Bangladesh International Plastics, Packaging, Printing Industrial Fair

Super provider of essential blown film line for the "unmanned factory"

Global manufacturing has been struggling in recent years to address the labour shortage. The wave of automation has arrived quickly due to the significant impact of global pandemic, wars, and other "black swan" effects - and the market's industrial upgrade is about to occur. Right now, it appears that there is a major global supplier of film-blowing technology who has been quietly offering automated equipment solutions for years, aiding in the establishment of "unmanned factories," and strongly supporting these film manufacturers to successfully pass the "post-pandemic era." Chyi Yang Industrial Co. is the super provider of this key blown film line solution.

Congratulations to CHYIYANG for being awarded the 8th Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award

According to the data analysis and evaluation of Dun & Bradstreet's global database, it was selected as the Top 1000 Elite Enterprises in 2021 [the 8th Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award].

PE Cling Film Market Trend: Sustainability and Clean Production

The use of cling film has substantially expanded in recent years in response to the increased demand from global pharmaceutical and F&B industries. This is especially true considering that manufacturers have developed many special-purpose films to boost market appeal. North America currently dominates the cling film market; however, the market for cling film has become a hot spot for rapid growth due to the urbanization of developing regions in the Asia Pacific, including China, India and Southeast Asia.

Do you know the invisible champion who can assist you enter into the cling film/wrapping film market with ease?

How do we make PE cling film that is non-toxic, breathable, and easy to tear and break? Ask Chyi Yang, the company that provides a complete plant solution that enables beginning manufacturers to enter the PE cling film/wrapping film market with just one machine, allowing them to cope with the unpredictable market environment easily.

How can high quality be produced consistently out of complex formulations?

The blown film market is evolving in an increasingly fast pace to meet the highly diversified, large-volume and variable material requirements of industries and emerging applications. Bag manufacturers and packaging material producers must use blown film machines with hardness, corrosion resistance, and durability to achieve consistently high yields while maintaining quality. More important goal is meeting the demands in film processing with complex characteristics such as those for agricultural films, cover films, laminated films, grain and dry food packaging, medical packaging and other critical packaging.

Meet your needs for stable thickness, high productivity & multilayer quality with Chyi Yang blown film machine

The global ESG trend is forming, and corporate sustainability will become a "standard" for businesses. As the European Union takes the lead in announcing the 2030 carbon reduction target, countries follow suit, and the plastic film industry is also contributing to the trend of sustainable development.

CHINAPLAS exhibitor interview: CHYI YANG PE stretch film/cleaning film wrapping machine

CHYI YANG, the products launched at the exhibition are PE stretch film/cleaning film wrapping machine: RW-1 Series and RW-2 Series. The fully automatic RW-1 series has a rewinding width of 300mm, a length of 30–300M, and a speed of 0–600 (M/Min). Increase work efficiency. The other is the RW-2 series, with a wrapping width of 200-550mm, a wrapping length of 30–1,000M, and a speed of 0–150 (M/Min). These two products can support industrial and food grade cleaning films, and are widely used and trusted.

Outstanding Quality blown film machine gets a Vietnam-listed company's favor

One of the listed companies in Vietnam purchased three sets of blown film machine from

PE Cling Film Produced By CHYI YANG’s Machine Owns 80% of China Market Share

Nowadays, Stretch/Cling film are very common used in daily life, for industrial packing for foods or general goods, and even at home to protect and storage prepared food. There are several materials formulated for its production, being Polyethylene the most convenience for easy processing, because it is suitable for food contact and for easy recycling. 

Studying hard at night school turns poor students into corporate directors

Guo Mingyi, chairman of CHYIYANG Industry, has five companies in Taiwan and the mainland. The plastic wrap machinery products are sold in 60 countries in Southeast Asia, mainland China, Central and South America, and Europe.

OEM with Italy manufacturer for better 3-layer Co-Extrusion film quality

Chyi Yang showed one set 3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine in 2014 Taipeiplas exhibition. We cooperated with Italy SYCRO to produce main parts including IBC, 3-layer co-extrusion die, air ring, automatic width & thickness controller. The internal bubble control (IBC) is available for film cooling & increasing output.

The Fastest Rewinding Machine Made In Taiwan

Chyi Yang developed a new PE Stretch Film Rewinder Machine. The Rewinder machine mainly is used in rewinding stretch film & cling film. This machine is fully automatic, it can feed the paper core, rewind film, cut film and change paper core, glue & label automatically. Chyi Yang is expert in developing PE stretch film whole equipment for more than 50 years.

CHINAPLAS 2014: CHYI YANG’s blown film machine

The machine is ideal for the production of PE stretch film & PE cling film.

CHYI YANG has sold over 500 sets of Blown Film machines to Latin-America

Chyi Yang showed one set “Two Stripes & Two dies Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine” in Colombiaplast 2016 exhibition. This machine is equipped with two dies & two extruders to produce two stripes T-shirt bags for market using. This series is very popular because of mainly for following reasons: