Advantages of ABA Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

A co-extrusion process uses more than one polymer to form the plastic bubble and therefore more layers to the film. The most prevalent blown film process today is the ABA co-extrusion process. One of CHYI YANG's most popular machines is also the ABA co-extrusion blown film machine. The term ABA indicates the three-layer structure of the film, two outer layers, and one inner layer, hence ABA. The materials of the A layer and B layer are different. The outer layer typically uses new materials, whereas the inner layer uses recycled materials. Using more than one material leads to several advantages and installation adjustments on the ABA blown film machine. As a leading plastic film machinery manufacturer in Taiwan, today CHYI YANG will talk about the advantages of this kind of blown film machine and how it can help your business.




The overall construction of the ABA co-extrusion blown film machine is in general very much the same as a standard mono-layer blown film machine. Though there are differences in terms of settings and installation between a single-layer and a multiple-layer model, the major difference lies in the number of co-extruders. Because the ABA blown film machine uses two materials during the process, it requires two extruders. If it’s a multi-layer process, for example, an ABC co-extrusion, it takes three extruders for the task.



▲The structure diagram of the ABA blown film machine



The key advantage of the ABA blown film machine is lowering the production cost while maintaining the product quality. When making a three-layer blown film, the inner layer is usually made of recycled materials or calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which comes at a lower price. Only the outer layers are made of virgin materials. Adding the recycled material into the inner layer not only reduces the cost but increases the weight of the final product. For example, the ABA structure can be used HDPE in the out-layer, and added carbonate & recycled resin in the in-layer. Although the addition of carbonate and recycled resin can damage the physical structure of HDPE single-layer bags, the ABA bag's physical structure is significantly improved, and the resin cost is reduced. On the other hand, the outer layers made of virgin materials guarantee quality.

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Furthermore, there are some other machines and optional components available to optimize ABA blown film productivity, such as CHYI YANG's ABA three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, which includes an optional two-layer coextrusion die that enables the machine to handle normal A+B two-layer processes. Users can also improve the efficiency of automation by incorporating the auto-unloader and auto-cutter of CHYI YANG to achieve the expected production efficiency and easily move to factory automation objectives in a post-epidemic period. In summary, the ABA co-extrusion blown film machine is a better option for your business, offering improved efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.



Today we learned the basic knowledge and advantages of ABA co-extrusion blown film machine. You might consider investing in it, but selecting a blown film machine and reliable supplier could be difficult, therefore it is better to ask for assistance from an experienced manufacturer. CHYI YANG is a leading manufacturer of plastic film machinery in Taiwan with a legacy that dates back to 1965. Our multiple-layer blown film machines are applicable for a wide range of applications, including coated films, cling films, agricultural films, construction sheets, food packages, and more. With the experience of 50 years, our expert team is more than happy to assist you with our reliable products and solutions. Businesses in the plastic industry looking to invest in ABA co-extrusion blown film machines can rely on CHYI YANG for high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective equipment.

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