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The global ESG trend is forming, and corporate sustainability will become a "standard" for businesses. As the European Union takes the lead in announcing the 2030 carbon reduction target, countries follow suit, and the plastic film industry is also contributing to the trend of sustainable development.


The 3/5/7-layer co-extrusion blown film machine of Chyi Yang (Chyi Yang Industrial Co., Ltd.) has played an important role in promoting energy conservation. Since the introduction of inverter motors some 40 years ago, they have led the industry in the design of machine structures to achieve power savings, improve efficiency, and increase production value. Additionally, in terms of industrial safety, Chyi Yang provides a wide range of protective installation options for customers to choose from, all of which are in accordance with advanced international safety standards such as those in Europe and the United States.


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Chyi Yang has led its business partners not only in "energy-saving" and "safety," but also in "waste reduction" by incorporating a waste recycling system into its advanced models. Includes a waste recycling system that automatically recycles waste during a highly efficient production process, providing a significant business opportunity and competitive advantage through material cost savings, Chyi Yang's advanced machines are one-of-a-kind. The uniform color, cleanliness, and high yield of the finished product are consistent with the ESG spirit that is consistent with the policies of advanced countries around the world, making Chyi Yang the brand of choice for international companies to purchase.


As specified by Japanese consultants and in collaboration with Italian technology

Chyi Yang is trusted by customers for its high quality that exceeds the specifications of standard quotations. The 3/5/7-layer co-extrusion blown film machine from Chyi Yang is designed to produce high-quality products with special functions such as shrink film, agricultural cover film, electrical insulation film, packaging film, medical packaging film, and freezer bags. The company specializes in designing custom blown film extrusion lines for a wide range of industrial applications. Its products have high ductility, stable thickness, puncture resistance, and excellent barrier properties, in addition to freshness, water resistance, frost resistance, oxygen barrier, and oil resistance.


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The design team collaborated with SYCRO (Italy) and PLASTCONTROL (Germany) to develop the Internal bubble cooling system (IBC), Automatic Air Ring, Thickness Control System, and Automatic Width Control System. The machine can provide high-quality service and results to customers thanks to these devices. The IBC system on the 3/5/7-layer co-extrusion blown film machine regulates the film cooling condition to increase yield. The Automatic Width Control System replaces traditional manual adjustment with an intelligent touch panel pointing control to automatically control the thickness setting within 2sigma 3 percent, saving material costs and giving customers a competitive advantage in an international market with fluctuating oil prices.


57 years of enhanced automation experience has helped solve the challenges of labor shortages in the post-pandemic era

Despite the volatile raw material market, Chyi Yang's custom equipment, developed with 57 years of practical experience, can be adapted to a wide range of raw materials for laminating or printing needs to produce highly complex composite packaging films, and success stories abound. This model's screw is made of a well-mixed binary alloy from Japan. The middle layer of the film can be optionally filled with calcium carbonate filler, recycled plastic, and various additives (e.g., 20% calcium carbonate and 50% recycled material), and cutting-edge waste is automatically filled back into the middle layer, reducing waste generation and cost. The characteristics of a 3/5/7-layer co-extrusion blown film machine are as follows:


  • Tension control system: maintains the finished product's tension stability during winding.
  •  Line speed coordinator: synchronously controls the upper take-up and winder linkage speeds.
  •  Quick screen changer: saves time by removing and installing screen changers to increase crop rate overall.
  • 360° rotating take-up horizontal type: randomize thickness thru film width, to produce uniform film without wrinkles.
  • Fully automatic front-cut winder (Chyi Yang's patented): automatically cuts and changes the paper core preventing the film from rotating and tangling the rollers.
  • Edge position control (EPC) system


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Users can also improve automation efficiency by incorporating Chyi Yang's auto-unloader to achieve the most cost-effective production efficiency and easily transition to the goal of factory automation in the post-epidemic era of severe labor shortage. Chyi Yang has built a solid reputation and quickly distinguished himself in the industry by continuing to design high-quality, long-lasting products for the benefit of customers, and he has been supported by international buyers for many years. Its 3/5/7-layer co-extrusion blown film machine is well known for its high functionality and production stability, which significantly reduces downtime and waste generation. The machine not only follows the global trend of waste reduction and long-term environmental protection, but it was also recommended by Japanese consultants for whole-plant use.


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