PE Cling Film Produced By CHYI YANG’s Machine Owns 80% of China Market Share

Nowadays, Stretch/Cling film are very common used in daily life, for industrial packing for foods or general goods, and even at home to protect and storage prepared food. There are several materials formulated for its production, being Polyethylene the most convenience for easy processing, because it is suitable for food contact and for easy recycling. 

That is why CHYI YANG developed in Taiwan, the “PE Stretch/cling Film Blown Film Machine”, using advanced technology for a liquid PIB injection system that feed liquid PIB directly into the extrusion screw getting PE film with adhesive properties. Another method uses PIB in masterbatch to produce stretch film.

Using Liquid PIB allows you to easily adjust its formulation and also save resin cost. The PIB in masterbatch is more expensive than liquid and not so easy to buy in the market, that’s why we develop the liquid PIB injection system to provide you another choice. Our machine can use both liquid PIB system & formula pellets without any problem. You could choose the way that can save your cost up to the resin market costs.

We manufacture 1-layer extruder, 2-layer and 3-layer co-extrusion Stretch/Cling film blown film machine. If you only produce PE cling film for food packaging, 1-layer blown film machine maybe enough for you. The blown film feature is torn off easily than T-die made. For end users who prefer using PE cling film made from blow film machine to T-die. 2-layer & 3-layer co-extrusion are mainly for produce PE stretch film and used in industry purpose. Clients like co-extrusion because you can produce inner-layer with glue & outer-layer without glue. The outer-layer won’t be covered by dirty, mud and dust. It will keep your goods clean & perfect appearance. Besides, the inner-layer is glue added, so you can pack industrial goods well.

All this machines are equipped with Co-speed controller that coordinates the take-up unit and winder speed to be the same, so the film won’t be stretched and can keep the stretch property after winding. Optionally, machines can be equipped with “edge film re-feed system”, the edge of film can be feed to extruder, and there is no any waste plastic during production.

Additionally, Machines can also have fully automatic winder (Taiwan patent no. 113496). The film cutter is front type, in this position, when the film is cut; film won’t run back & be re-winded in the steel roller. The fully automatic cut and changing reels winder let you save labor cost. Winders are also equipped with no-tension control which allows the film to be the same tension and won’t tighten the paper cores. Besides, due to no-tension, end-users can use all film without any waste.

Regarding production capacities, for example WPE-75 1-layer machine can produce 10 rolls of film width 300mm or 6 rolls of film width 500mm at one time, and the output can be 100-150kgs/hr. without air chiller.

CHYI YANG’s equipment outstanding performance successfully entered the highly competitive China market. User-oriented is the base for us to design and develop. Feedback from the customers is a key to make us improve, which is why we are able to survive in the China market. Over the years, we have created an amazing number that is PE cling film produced by CHYI YANG’s machine owns 80% of market share in China.

CHYI YANG was set up in 1965, since then has continually improving and developing new machines. We have customers in over 100 countries around the world; about 99% of produced machines are for international market. Please visit or contact to get more information.