Studying hard at night school turns poor students into corporate directors

In the early years, the night school was a channel for many poor students to turn over. Some people only relied on a piece of bread to study hard every day to become the chairman of the company, and some night students returned to the school to become the principal after working hard for many years. Although the night part is gradually entering history, the inspirational stories continue to inspire people.

Guo Mingyi, chairman of CHYIYANG Industry, has five companies in Taiwan and the mainland. The plastic wrap machinery products are sold in 60 countries in Southeast Asia, mainland China, Central and South America, and Europe.

He said that after graduating from primary school, his father did not allow him to go to junior high school, so he had to work as an apprentice in a machinery factory. When he was fifteen years old, he broke his finger in a factory accident. Thinking about the future, he decided to go to Yuda Vocational College to study the night department of the comprehensive business department.

At that time, he got up at 6:00 in the morning, went to work in the factory all day, and then rode a bicycle from Sanchong to Nanjing East Road to catch a class at 6:20 in the evening.

He recalled that he managed to last until the end of the first class, and quickly ran out to buy a pineapple bun to feed his stomach. "I was reluctant to buy milk." After school, I dragged my tired body home late into the night, and I ate the food my mother kept warm in the quilt. "I read it like this for four years."

Taipei City Private Yuda Vocational College 104 Year 7th Outstanding Alumni Elected

Guo Mingyi, chairman of CHYIYANG Industrial Co., Ltd., has successfully developed, designed and produced cable machines when he was a sophomore in high school. Now he has 6 pieces of plastic film production machinery, and is the best manufacturer of plastic wrap production machinery in China.

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