Outstanding Quality blown film machine gets a Vietnam-listed company's favor

One of the listed companies in Vietnam purchased three sets of blown film machine from Chyi Yang 20 years ago. Afterward, in response to enlarged scope of the company and to reduce the cost, they turned to import equipment from China with lower price. However, the quality of film produced from China machine did not meet Japanese customer’s standard and up to 20 freight containers of products were returned in one transaction.


To improve both quality and yield of product, this company hired a Japanese consultant to revisit and rectify all the blown film machines in the plant. After considering thoroughly, the consultant recommended to replace all machines except for those from Chyi Yang.

During a visit to Chyi Yang, the CEO of this Vietnam company emphasized that their consultant strongly advised them to purchase whole plant equipment from Chyi Yang because of the stable quality, the consistent productivity, and the low failure rate of the machines from us. To earn higher profits with lower costs, to reach the maximum output value, and to be competitive in high-end export markets, you must choose blown film machine from Chyi Yang.


This Vietnam company then purchased thirty sets of Super high speed automatic blown film machine from Chyi Yang during half year and kept long-term friendly cooperative relationship with us. The Super high speed machine is able to automatically mass produce uniform thickness products, which substantially saves labor costs.


The CEO also appreciated for the continuous help from Chyi Yang in sophisticated improvements and equipment performance, which is beyond the industry. Chyi Yang believes that machines could be user-friendly with intelligence and close to humanity, which win a high admiration and is widely trusted worldwide.