CHINAPLAS exhibitor interview: CHYI YANG PE stretch film/cleaning film wrapping machine

Source:榮格  Release time:2015.05.21  pm 09:05:52

CHYI YANG, the products launched at the exhibition are PE stretch film/cleaning film wrapping machine: RW-1 Series and RW-2 Series. The fully automatic RW-1 series has a rewinding width of 300mm, a length of 30–300M, and a speed of 0–600 (M/Min). Increase work efficiency. The other is the RW-2 series, with a wrapping width of 200-550mm, a wrapping length of 30–1,000M, and a speed of 0–150 (M/Min). These two products can support industrial and food grade cleaning films, and are widely used and trusted.

CHYI YANG, obtained CE certification in 2001. It is the first manufacturer of plastic film extrusion machines in Taiwan to obtain CE certification from the world-famous German TÜV company. Now the company mainly produces various film extrusion machines and blown bag (film) machines. Equipment, including extruder, bag blowing machine, PE household cleaning film/industrial stretch film whole plant, 2/3/5-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, PE diaper/sanitary napkin film T-die extruder, PP/PS board T-die extruder, pinch bag blowing machine, PE, PP, PVC film whole plant equipment, PE, PVC shrink film blowing machine, PE foaming/ordinary board extruder, PP pearl belt making machine , 1-6 color offset printing machines, bag making machines, sealing and cutting machines, recycling machines, etc.

With the growth of China's industrial market, CHYI YANG has stepped up its pace, continued to provide suitable products to Chinese users, and created value for customers with innovation and benefits.