Caco3 & recycling material revolution in HDPE bags

Nowadays, for HDPE shopping bags, T-shirt bags & food packaging bags, it’s very popular to blend recycled material & calcium carbonate (CACO3). Especially CACO3, it can cut down your resin cost, increase capacity & make your film products heavier. Although CACO3 provides so many advantages, it changes the feature of HDPE film. HDPE film will be reduced in tensile strength after blending CACO3, so that HDPE film won’t pack heavy subjects. Besides, CACO3 will make HDPE film feels dusty.

In order to solve the problems of HDPE+CACO3, Chyi Yang developed one set “Twin dies A+B+A Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine” and showed it in Taipei Plas 2016. This machine is equipped with twin dies, two extruders and two sets A+B+A to produce HDPE blended with CACO3. We tested HDPE blended LLDPE in A extruder, and HDPE blended CACO3 in B extruder. The tensile strength of HDPE+CACO3 is almost as good as non-CACO3 bags.

Besides, the film feels like virgin HDPE without CACO3. The two sets 45mm extruders provide two A+B+A dies to have 2-line film rolls at the same time. Forced feeding extruders offer you bigger capacity, the max. capacity is 140kgs/hr. for 550mm film width at 20micron film thickness. You can get max. 70kgs/hr. from each winder, and max. 140kgs/hr. from two winders. The 45mm extruders are driven by two sets 20HP motors, the total power consumption of whole machine is 190A. Die channel design makes sure every layer is separated. You can produce normal 3-layer film. Against the increasing of labor cost, this machine combines two sets machines to save labor cost & floor space to let you gain the biggest profits. Except the above, the screw material is bi-metal MAC-24 from Japan, the mixing design is excellent for different resin composition, carbonate additive & recycled material.

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Caco3 & recycling material revolution in HDPE bags