The feathers of HDPE Bags & Film

High Density Polyethylene Resin, briefly, HDPE film grade resin mainly designed for producing shopping bags, T-shirt bags, grocery bags, garbage bags, food packaging and many so on.

The two advantages are the tensile strength at break & heat-resistant. The tensile strength at break of HDPE is very good, besides, the heat-resistant ratio is high, so HDPE bags can stand heavy subjects & high temperature. HDPE bags are very popular in shopping bags, garbage bags, dotting bags & food packaging due to the above physical feature.

On the contrary, the transparent of HDPE is not good as LDPE. Normally, the appearance of HDPE bags is foggy. It’s not so clear like LDPE/LLDPE, but blending some other resin can improve the problem.

The feathers of HDPE Bags & Film